CONTROL AND COORDINATION MOCK TEST MCQ 03 / नियंत्रण और समन्वय मोक टेस्ट


CONTROL AND COORDINATION MOCK TEST MCQ 03 / नियंत्रण और समन्वय मोक टेस्ट


रुकिय ! आप इस अपडेट को पढने से पहले हमे यहाँ से FOLLOW कर लीजिए

CONTROL AND COORDINATION MOCK TEST MCQ 03 / नियंत्रण और समन्वय मोक टेस्ट

51.         Avena coleoptile test to find out growth promoting hormones was performed by :-

               (A) Went                            (B) Lysenko                        (C) Butler                           (D) Borthwick

ANS :  A

52.         Which of the following effects of auxins is of wide application :-

(A) Induction of fruit development                                         (B) Induction of root initiation

(C) Prevention of abscission                                                      (D) All of the above

ANS :   D

53.         Stem elongation is affected by :-

(A) Gibberellin and florigen                                                       (B) Auxin and gibberellin

(C) Florigen and kinin                                                                  (D) Kinin and auxin

ANS :   B

54.         Apical dominance means :-

(A) Supression of growth of apical bud by axillary buds

(B) Supression of growth of axillary buds by the presence of apical bud

(C) Stimulation of growth of axillary buds by removal of apical bud

(D) Inhibition of growth of axillary buds by removal apical bud

ANS :   B

55.         Which of the following is not natural occurring plant hormone :-

               (A) 2, 4-D                            (B) Cytokinin                                     (C) Gibberellin                   (D) I.A.A

ANS :   A

56.         Parthenocarpy is the production of :-

(A) Fruits with pollination                                                          (B) Fruits without fertilization

(C) Seeds with fertilization                                                        (D) Only seeds and no fruits

ANS :   B

57.         Clinostat is used in study for :-

(A) Photosynthesis           (B) Respiration                                (C) Geotropism                 (D) Osmosis

ANS :   C

58.         Phytohormone term was coined by :-

(A) Gregory and Purvis   (B) F.W.Went                                   (C) Thimann                       (D) L.J. Audus

ANS :  C

59.         Cytokinin :-

(A) Is a hormone whose main function is to induce the cell division 

(B) Is the process of cell division 

(C) Retards cell division 

(D) Causes dormancy

ANS :  A

60.         Gibberellin was first extracted from :-

(A) Gibberella                    (B) Gellidium                                     (C) Gracillaria                    (D) Aspergillus

ANS :    A      

61.         Which of the following breaks the dormancy of seeds :-

(A) IAA                                (B) GA                                  (C) Ethylene          (D) All the above

ANS :  B

62.         Abscisic acid induces :-

(A) Shoot elongation                                                    (B) Cell elongation and cell wall formation

(C) Cell division                                                              (D) Leaf fall and dormancy

ANS :  D

63.         Which of the following is a hypothetical hormone :-

(A) Gibberellin                   (B) Auxin                                            (C) Cytokinin                      (D) florigen

ANS :  D

64.         Which of the  following is a growth inhibiter hormone :-

(A) Cytokinin                      (B) Gibberellin                                  (C) Auxin                             (D) Abscisic acid

ANS :   D

65.         Mimosa (touch me not plant) shows :-

(A) Thigmotropism movement                                                 (B) Chemotactic movement              

(C) Thigmonasty                                                                           (D) Seismonasty

ANS :  D

66.          Phytohormones are

               (A) hormones regulating growth from seed to adulthood

               (B) hormones regulating secondary growth

               (C) growth regulators synthesized by plants and influencing physiological processes

               (D) hormones regulating flowering.

ANS :   C

67.          The natural plant hormones were first isolated from

               (A) cotton fruits, spinach leaves, rice plant            (B) avena coleoptiles, fungus gibberella

               (C) corn germ oil, human urine                                (D) human urine, rice plant.

ANS :   B

68.          If the tip of a seeding is cut off, growth as well as bending ceases because it hampers

               (A) perception of light stimulus                                (B) transpiration

               (C) respiration                                                               (D) photosynthesis.

ANS :   A

69.          A plant bends towards the source of light when exposed to the light on only one side. Which of the following is the best explanation of the phenomena ?

               (A) It needs light for photosynthesis

               (B) The apices of their stems are attracted by light

               (C) Some auxin accumulates on the shaded side to induce greater cell elongation on that side

               (D) Light stimulates the cells on the illuminated side to increase in length

ANS :   C

70.          The movement of plant organs in response to the force of gravity is called

               (A) hydrotropism            (B) geotropism                 (C) heliotropism              (D) phototropism

ANS :   B

71.          A high concentration of synthetic auxins is generally used for

               (A) wee control                                                             (B) enhancing root initiation

               (C) controlling of cell enlargement                          (D) preventing the growth of the lateral buds.

ANS :   A

72.          Gibberellic acid has been successfully employed to induce flowering

               (A) in long day plants under short day conditions

               (B) in short day plants under long day conditions

               (C) for some plants                                                                    

               (D) none of the above

ANS :   A

73.          Cytokinins are known to

               (A) inhibit cytoplamic movement                            (C) help in retention of chlorophyll

               (C) influence water movement                                 (D) promote abscission layer formation

ANS :   B

74..         Ethylene is a      

               (A) solid hormone           (B) gaseous enzyme        (C) gaseous hormone      (D) liquid gas mixture

ANS :  C

75.          Pineapple an be made to flower if off season by

               (A) zeatin                          (B) ethylene                       (C) temperature               (D) short days

ANS :     B

76.          The effect of daily light period on flowering is called

               (A) photooxidation         (B) phototropism             (C) photoperiodism        (D) photorespiration

ANS :   C

77.          Brain stem is formed by the union of

               (A) optic lobes                                                (B) cerebellum with optic lobes

               (C) corpora striate                                         (D) mid brain, ponsvarolli and medulla oblongata

ANS :   D

78.          Number of spinal nerves in man are

               (A) 11 pairs                       (B) 13 pairs                        (C) 6 pairs                          (D) 31 pairs

ANS :   D

79.          Third ventricle occurs in

               (A) cerebrum                    (B) cerebellum                  (C) medulla oblongata   (D) diencephalon

ANS :   D

80.          The pineal body is considered as

               (A) an endocrine gland                                               (B) an organ concerned with voluntary actions

               (C) an organ concerned with vision                         (D) a vestige of third eye and endocrine gland

ANS :   D

81.          Part of brain involved in interpretation, storage of information and initiation of response on the basis of past experience is

               (A) motor area                  (B) cerebellum      (C) sensory area            (D) association area

ANS :   D

82.          Autonomic nervous system controls

               (A) reflex action               (B) sense organs               (C) internal organs          (D) skeletal muscle

ANS :   C

83.          The study of nervous system and its disorders is called

               (A) neurogenesis              (B) hematology                (C) neuroglia                                   (D) neurology

ANS :   D

84.          In reflex action the reflex arc is formed by

               (A) brain

 spinal cord
 muscles                      (B) receptor  spinal cord  muscles

               (C) muscle  receptor  brain                             (D) muscles  spinal cord  receptor

ANS :  B

85.          The sensation of sight in human brain is perceived by

               (A) optic lobe                    (B) occipital lobe              (C) frontal lobe                                (D) parietal lobe

ANS :   B

86.       Phytohormones are

            (A) Hormones regulating growth from seed to adult

            (B) Hormones regulating secondary growth

            (C) Growth regulators synthesized by plants influencing physiological process

            (D) Hormones regulating flowering


87.       The natural plant hormone were isolated from

            (A) Cotton fruit, spinach, rich plant                    (B) Avena coleoptile, fungus gibberella

            (C) Corn germ oil, human urine                         (D) None


88.       If tip of seedling is cut off growth as well as bending ceases because it hampers

            (A) Perception of light stimulus                         (B) Transpiration

            (C) Respiration                                                 (D) Photosynthesis


89.       The movement of plant organ in response to force of gravity is called

            (A) Hydrotropism         (B) Geotropism             (C) Photo tropism         (D) None


90.       A high concentration of synthetic auxin is generally used for

            (A) weed control           (B) Root initiation        (C) Prevent growth       (D) All


91.       Part of the neuron through which information travels as an electrical impulse is

            (A) Dendrite                 (B) Axon                      (C) Cell body                (D) Nerve ending


92.       Arachnoid is

            (A) Inner meninx          (B) Middle meninx      

(C) Outer meninx          (D) Inner epithelial lining      

ANS :    B   

93.       Sympathetic nervous system

            (A) Dilates pupil                                   (B) Dilates bronchi      

(C) Increases blood pressure                  (D) All the above


94.       Audiovisual memory occurs in

            (A) Frontal lobe (B) Parietal lobe            (C) Temporal lobe         (D) Occipital lobe

ANS :  D

95.       Neurolemma is formed by

            (A) Schwann cells         (B) Dendrites                (C) Axolemma              (D) Axoplasm


96.       The sensory receptors in our body to detect smell are

            (A) Auditory receptors  (B) Gustatory receptors (C) Olfactory receptors (D) Tactile receptors


97.       The chemicals that cross the synapse to start a similar electrical impulse in the next neuron are released from

            (A) The dendritic tip     (B) The cell body          (C) The end of axon      (D) The axon


98.       Part of the neuron where information is acquired is

            (A) Dendrite                 (B) Axon                      (C) Cell body                (D) Nerve ending

ANS :  A

99.    Movement of pollen tube towards ovule is

            (A) Chemotropism     (B) Hydrotropism       (C) Thigmotropism    (D) none


100.     Cytokinin are known to

            (A) Inhibit cytoplasmic movement                (B) Help in retention of chlorophyll    

(C) Influence water movement                      (D) All

ANS :   B

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